• Operation Wild
    Episode Two
    Tonight at 8:00 on Vermont PBS
    Find out how pioneering medicine is transforming ways to tend to animals. See a rhino's groundbreaking skin graft after poachers stole her horns and an orangutan's ...
    Operation Wild
  • Masterpiece Mystery!
    Endeavour 2: Nocturne
    Tonight at 9:00 on Vermont PBS Plus
    When an elderly man is murdered, the investigation leads to a dreary school for girls.
    Masterpiece Mystery!
  • First Peoples
    Tonight at 9:00 on Vermont PBS
    When Homo sapiens turned up in prehistoric Europe, they ran into the Neanderthals. The two types of human were similar enough to interbreed - and both capable of making artifacts.
    First Peoples
  • New England's Great River
    Discovering The Connecticut
    Thursday, July 9, 8 p.m. on Vermont PBS
    Storyteller Willem Lange hosts a scenic, informative journey down New England's longest river, exploring its history and its ongoing significance.
    New England's Great River
  • Vera
    Telling Tales
    Thursday, July 9, 10 p.m. on Vermont PBS
    Vera delves into the secrets of a small community to solve an 11 year-old murder of a teen girl.

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    July 3, 2015 - Canada Special
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    Episode 1
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    First Peoples: Asia
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    First Peoples: Australia
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    2015 Canada Special - Web Extra

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